Agile Games Conference

Co-founder of Matrix Leadership

Amina co-founded Matrix Leadership in 1990 and is currently the Director and a Lead Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant and Coach. She has been facilitating groups and trainings in cities throughout the U.S. and Europe for 30 years. Her formal background includes training from the National Training Laboratories for the Behavioral Sciences, as well as an M.S. in counseling and teaching psychology at the University of Missouri. For four years she was the director of the Groups and Outreach Programs in Interpersonal and Group Communication at the University of Missouri Counseling Center. She was a trainer for the Hakomi Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy for 12 years. She was also a co-owner and practitioner at Wellspring, Partners in Health (a holistic community medical clinic) for 15 years.

Advanced Practitioner

Tom Egan is an Advanced Practitioner, skilled with facilitating group intelligence, self-awareness, and creativity.  His own spiritual journey has allowed many unique gifts to arise in service to individuals and groups.  Tom is passionate about making the complicated simple and loves to create learning environments that are catalytic, engaging, and fun. Tom has a Masters in Counseling and specializes in group process.  He spent 10 years in corporate America before spending 4 years as Executive Director of a non-profit helping cancer survivors move on from the trauma of their illness, and now the last 4 years working for a Michigan University as Director of Development Alumni Relations.  Tom enjoys the beach, kiteboarding, and the outdoors.

Senior Scrum Master

Kim is a customer-focused agile marketer, manager, and organizational change junkie. Kim is a communications expert, master facilitator, and musician using agile methods to coach marketing and sales teams, development teams, rock bands, and the occasional significant other. Laser-focused on startups and small to mid-size businesses, she is currently focused on coaching scrum teams at Jibo, a Boston-based robotics startup making the world’s first social robot for the home.

Agile Coach

With more than two decades of expertise in diverse technical and business environments, Jon has led teams, managers and executives through demanding change across technical and non-technical domains. He has demonstrated experience successfully integrating multiple Agile methodologies  across entire organizations, increasing focus to deliver on business objectives.

Passionate about education and teaching, Jon has lectured at MIT and other universities as well as served on curriculum advisory boards. He is currently the Lead Advisor and a Mentor for Real Industry, a not-for-profit organization that gives undergraduate and graduate students access to guest lectures, personal mentorship, and portfolio reviews to fully prepare students for roles in industry.

Lean / Agile Coach

Savvy believes that empowered leaders drive the success in any field and sees coaching and guiding as an opportunity to bring out intrinsic qualities of people who are working in highly challenging environments. A passionate Agilista who had trained, mentored and coached teams and organizations to reap benefits from Agile. Savvy has spoken in various conferences on Agile. If she’s not thinking about Agile, she thinks about numbers. Data analytics is her immediate next passion and her strengths include execution of data analytics strategy, process, and tools in an organization. Savvy has been exposed to various phases of software development life cycle from all through her career across various technology and service sectors. She’s grateful for getting different kinds of assignments that had honed her career. Savvy speaks in Agile and Data conferences. Savvy enjoys providing career guidance in all streams and loves yoga.