Agile Games Conference

Agile Technical Coach

Llewellyn Falco introduced Woody to the Randori technique and Strong Style Pair Programming  which is the base for Mob Programming.  

He is an agile technical coach, specializing in legacy code and test driven development. When working with teams he uses mob programming with the programmers to foster continuous improvements.

Twitter: @LlewellynFalco

Master Agile Coach

Mario E. Moreira is an Enterprise Agile consultant and Master Agile Coach. He helps you achieve better business outcomes by increasing your delivery of customer value, optimizing speed of delivery, and increasing quality. Mario specializes in transforming enterprises to Agile, bringing cutting edge concepts and practices to help companies gain business benefits that Agile brings. This includes coaching and educating executives, management, and small to large distributed teams in Agile mindset, concepts, methods and practices (Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, VFQ, Story Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, and more).

Team Coach

I am a team coach, musician and video game nerd with 15+ years enabling, encouraging and empowering talented teams to make better things and in better ways.

Agile Coach

Jason Tice is an agile coach & consultant at Asynchrony specializing in the use of serious games to create environments conducive to whole-team learning, collaboration and complex problem solving.  More recently, Jason has explored the application of gamification techniques to improve portfolio management and employee performance reviews seeking to improve the quality of information captured while fostering trust, respect, and higher engagement of the people needed to support such activities.  




Improving The Way Teams Work

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